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Our little company started with standard security systems about 40 years ago, installing security in museums, resorts, private homes, airports, etc.

We started using Electric Fences for Perimeter Security about 10 years ago, as we found that an electric fence is a super deterrent and offered the best perimeter security available, however, an electric fence is easily by-passed by a knowledgeable person by simply shorting out the charged conductors.

The critical component of an electric fence, that is being used for security, is the "monitor", or alarm in the event of "loss of voltage" on the fence.

We tried every monitor made in the world. In every case, they worked on a "vague floating" principal which "false alarmed" often, especially during lightening storms. They were not accurate, nor consistent, and they were unreliable even when used with their own matching equipment, and most were not reliable in any configuration to our standards. Reliable enough to be used in a security application.

Since we couldn't buy what we wanted for security applications,  we listed and plugged in all the specification and requirements that we wanted for our security systems, and after two years of development and a further two years of "field testing" we are proud to manufacture and offer you the "Electric Fence Companion" with the exclusive "Weed Alert" feature. This not only an extremely reliable for any security application with any fence energizer, but is reliable for all livestock applications.

The "Fence Hawk" is manufactured to stringent specifications here in the United States, assembled in south east Asia,  and goes through 4 stages of quality testing before final assembly and during assembly, and 3 additional stages of operational and quality testing before it is shipped to our valued customer.

The "store" is a new addition to the business. We are slowly gathering an assortment of products that go with electric fences. We will test for quality all the items before we decide to stock them, so our stock list will build slowly. If we don't have what you're looking for, please "contact us" and we can probably give you a direction where to purchase it.




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